About Adam Block Restaurant Consultant

In business since 1987, Block & Associates, LLC (B&A) was founded by Adam Block. For over 24 years, Adam Block has applied his restaurant industry knowledge as a consultant, working with the most popular operators in successful campaigns. Since founding B&A, Adam Block has participated in greater than 1,200 food and beverage projects all around the globe.

Broadening the reach of B&A, Adam Block consults with other companies besides restaurants. He proudly offers services for arena and recreation locations, stadium facilities, hoteliers, marina and golf course operators, and developers, as well as public agencies. Most recently, Adam Block and B&A took on a project at the Sandton Sun in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this endeavor, Adam Block overhauled the facility’s beverage and food areas, creating a more sophisticated and stylish environment for the hotel patrons.

Created on a foundation of the business side of restaurant management, Adam Block provides numerous services designed to cover all of his clients’ needs. Specifically, B&A offers development, market analysis, strategic planning, management consulting, and asset management, among other services. B&A owner Adam Block prides himself in utilizing the most modern sustainability methods in all B&A projects. He also insists on consuming local products, which helps businesses continue to thrive. In addition to B&A, Adam Block owns and operates the popular Print Restaurant and the Press Lounge, both located in Manhattan’s trendy Ink48 hotel.


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